Photographic and Video Images policy

Photographic and Video Images

By registering at, visiting or being employed by the University of Arkansas and being present in public settings, you authorize the use and reproduction by the university, or anyone authorized by the university, to any photographs or videos taken while at the University of Arkansas by University Relations photographers, videographers or their agents, without compensation.

Whenever possible, University Relations photographers and videographers identify themselves and seek verbal permission when making photos. They inform subjects about the potential uses of the imagery, such as providing information for a story and/or creating images to more broadly describe the campus, both now and in the future. In instances when an individual asks to not be photographed or included in a video, University Relations staff comply with those wishes.

Any student who does not wish to be represented in such photographic and video images by the university should choose to withhold photos on the FERPA option on the university’s student information system, and should inform University Relations photographers and videographers of their FERPA status when asking not to be included in photographs or videos.

All photographic and video files shall constitute University of Arkansas property, solely and completely.