Mass Email Policy

The University of Arkansas has developed the following policy to manage the number of mass emails sent to faculty, staff and students. This protocol establishes an approval process for mass emails and is designed to encourage the use of other ways to communicate with campus electronically.

Mass emails sent to faculty, staff and students must be approved by the Office of University Relations under the guidelines indicated below.

Use the following steps to help determine if a mass email is the most appropriate delivery method:

  1. Determine the urgency of the message.
    • Does it pertain to the health or safety of the community?
    • Is it an emergency?
    • Does the appropriate sender specifically request a mass email?
    • Does it pertain to university services or programs that affect a large portion of campus?
  2. If none of the above applies, determine if the content of the email could instead be sent through one of the following options to reach the intended audience.
    • Department listserv
    • College listserv
    • Graduate School listserv
    • Newswire
  3. If you have determined that a mass email is the appropriate mechanism, please obtain approval from your supervisor, unit head/department chair, director/dean and or vice provost/vice chancellor. Once you have the above approvals please contact University Relations.