Policies and Guidelines

Fayetteville Campus Policies and Procedures

Series Number Title Date
FPP (UREL) 207.0 Freedom of Information 2014/07/09
FPP (UREL) 208.0 Graphic Identity 2015/02/20
FPP (UREL) 213.2 Permission to Print Publications for External Use 2009/06/01
FPP (UREL) 217.0 Public Information and Media Relations 2008/03/01
FPP (UREL) 221.1 Sponsorship Acknowledgement on Web Sites 2012/02/15
FPP (UREL) 225.0 University Web Sites and Online Communications 2009/05/11
FPP (UREL) 225.1 University Website Privacy 2015/02/23
FPP (UREL) 325.0 Materials for Media Dissemination, Campus Publications and Mass E-Mail 2010/01/22

Departmental Policies and Guidelines