Digital Design and Development

Digital Design and Development is responsible for the creation and maintenance of all technology-based communications media and initiatives at the university, to include the university's web domain and presence, content management systems, and communication-specific databases and dissemination services. The department is also responsible for oversight of all web style guidelines, as well as the coordination of web programmers and designers housed in other colleges, divisions and offices. Digital Design and Development provides:

  • Programming and Development
  • Training and Support
  • Content Strategy

Programming and Development

Programming and development  handles front and back end programming, leveraging the languages of .NET, PHP, XSL, jQuery, Javascript, CSS, and HTML.  Some of our main projects include the Campus Web Data Project, Directory, Campus Maps, News, OmniUpdate CMS, Online Giving  and Research Frontiers.  In addition, the 3D team helps to provide ongoing support and training within these scopes to clients throughout the university.

Training & Support

The department of digital design and development provides website training and support for the University of Arkansas faculty and staff in the form of regularly scheduled training, one-on-one training and training documentation. Additionally we provide web support to campus for OmniUpdate, Campus Web Data and the University of Arkansas Campus Calendar. To sign up for OU Campus 101 training, see the Employee Development Program calendar. To set up one-on-one training, gain access to the campus calendar or request support for your website, contact Kelly Bostick.

Content Strategy

If you would like to start a new website, migrate a website or make changes to an existing website, please contact Chris Nixon.